London Township

Board of Tr

January 8, 2024



January 8, 2024 (6:30pm)

Note: We have (2) citizens times for input, there is a 2-minute limit. At other times, you must be recognized by chairperson prior to speaking.  Please raise hand to be recognized at all times.

Call to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Agenda

1st Citizens Time

Approval of November 13, 2023 Minutes & December 14, 2023 (Special Meeting)

Reports: Supervisor, Treasurer, Clerk, Building Dept., Assessor, Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission

Monthly Disbursements


Unfinished Business:

  1. Barnes Rd. Bridge
  2. Grave Opening/Closing
  3. Electric Bid

New Business:

  1. Appointments
  2. BOR Training
  3. Attorney Rates
  4. KCI
  5. Cemetery Clean Up Request
  6. Copier
  7. Road Brining
  8. Electric Work
  9. Bids for Cemetery Mowing


2nd Citizens Time

Board of Trustees Comments


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